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Craft Cubed 2015

Interview with Chantal Wynter

Posted September 7th, 2015 by Craft in News


Chantal Wynter. Photo courtesy Colour box studio

Chantal Wynter coordinates the fantastic Wynter Projects, which aims to introduce, collaborate and promote the arts to a public audience through art walks and creative projects/events. These are developed and delivered in collaboration with artists, galleries, creative spaces, business, Local Government and organisations. You can take part in the Foot It Art Crawl in Footscray on 19 September 

Footscray is a creative hub. What makes it so unique?

It is an inspirational and conducive environment for creativity. Multiculturalism has a large influence, as a large variety of different cultures co-exist. There is a real feeling of cultural tolerance, understanding and co-operation, offering the possibilities of an easy, relaxed co-existance in Footscray. There are lots of creative people that live and work in Footscray, as it is affordable.


The Art Room, photo courtesy Colour box studio

Tell us a couple of highlights of the walk!

This walk will visit an array of talented artists that use unconventional methods to create artworks. One such artist is Annee Miron who creates large scale installations. Her materials range from rope, used-cardboard to original ochres. We will be visiting her studio where she will give an introduction to her practice. Then we will walk a short distance to see one of Annee’s artworks in a local alleyway. Anne Kucera is another artist who employs unusual methods. Anne manipulates and constructs paper, developing grand but intricate landscapes. We will see one of her paper installations at the Story Building where she will talk about this artwork. You will have to come on the walk to see and meet other inspiring and accomplished artists!

What was the inspiration for the walking tour?

The inspiration for guided walking tours came from my own curiosity of wanting to know more about an artist and their practice. Walking art tours provide an intimate experience for people to meet practising artists. It also offers a reciprocal opportunity for the artist to talk and expand on their artwork, creating an informal discussion with an interested audience. The art walks further highlight the galleries, studios, creative spaces and workshops that many people may not know about. The inspiration for walking tours is to expand the awareness of the creative arts in the Western suburbs by offering a behind-the-scenes experience.

What do you do when you’re not introducing people to artists?

My most recent project was West Projections. This was a series of twelve video projections and sound pieces in first floor studios, galleries, creative spaces, eateries and other public spaces in Footscray. This was complemented with a series of talks by the artists at the different sites. My interest lies in developing art projects that include an aspect of public participation. I’m passionate about expanding audiences to the Arts in all its variations by offering interesting and challenging art projects that are accessible. My next project is River Sights which is a series of walks where invited artists respond to indigenous, colonial and migrational histories along the Maribyrnong River through sound, projection and installation. This is a component of a larger project called River of Lives in collaboration with Maribyrnong City Council and Victoria University.

Fred Fowler in the studio. Photo courtesy Colourbox Studio

Fred Fowler in the studio. Photo courtesy Colourbox Studio

What else in the Craft Cubed Festival are you looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to the workshops by Colour Box Studio. An introduction to screen printing with Liz Doust will be awesome. Stencilling and printing your own designs is such a great skill to learn. The DIY Terrarium pot and Macrame Hanger workshop by Ms. Murphy Flowers sounds wonderful, gorgeous designs creating cute environments. Who wouldn’t want to make one of these for their room or studio? The Koorie Showcase is also a highlight that l’m looking forward to. A great opportunity to see and learn crafts from 60,000 year traditions from Australia’s first peoples.