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Craft Cubed 2015

Interview with Serena Lindemann

Posted September 21st, 2015 by Craft in News


What is the best thing about Spring Carnival time for you?

I love seeing regular clients and meeting new ones as they come to put together their outfits for the different days of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. It’s exciting to be part of the buzz of Melbourne in spring.

Do you create work with a particular client in mind?

Sometimes when I am making a hat I think “This would be perfect for____” . It’s important to have a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different clients.

It tends to start with colour, they walk in the door and ask for a red one or navy, this year I have sold a lot of black and white pieces and pastels are in demand too.

A black flower crown teamed with a Craig Braybrook gown

A black flower crown teamed with a Craig Braybrook gown

Millinery is usually saved for special occasions, can you see it coming back into vogue for everyday wear?

Only for the most individual and creative of women. I love seeing women in hats and a hat is the best way to start an interesting conversation. I would say that wouldn’t I.

You’ve been in the Nicholas Building for many years. What makes it so special?

It’s a hub of creativity. Just knowing that my neighbours are here doing interesting things is enough for me.
Chance encounters in the lift and on the street outside keep me engaged and part of the Nicholas Building network.

Serena Lindemann displaying millinery

If you could create a head piece for anyone in history who would it be?

Daphne Guinness would be my idea of the perfect client. She knows how to wear a hat, she’s confident and incredibly stylish.